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Outdoors (Eco) Therapy

Eco / outdoors / nature therapy
What is it?

Eco-therapy, also known as nature therapy or outdoors therapy, is an umbrella term for a way of working that can create an opportunity to boost our own healing, growth and connection through the practice of incorporating the nature into the therapeutic work.

How does it work?

It works on the premis that we are all connected to the natural world, including our subconscious minds, which allows for a sense of calmness through connecting with nature. So it makes sense then, that if we practice and nurture that connection, it can help to improve our mental health through a renewed harmony.

We have always lived in nature, we are part of nature, but sadly in today's Western world, many of us have lost that connection and see the natural environment as something separate to ourselves.  Eco-psychologists suggest that this may have impacted on our emotional well-being.  So, lets begin to re-connect with ourselves and with the wonderful green world around us.

Mindfulness in nature
What might a session look like?

It is a combination of the more traditional talking therapy mixed with connecting to nature.

We can take the counselling session outside and walk as we talk.  Or we can choose a place in nature to stay still in, and use those natural surroundings to be part of the work in that session, mindfully soaking up our surroundings and connecting with the more-than-human world around us.  Or we could do a mix. 

Friends Walking Home
Benefits of working in nature
  • promotes physical health and wellbeing, therefore, providing an holistic approach

  • decrease stress / anxiety levels

  • help with depression by enabling more clarity of mind to tackle issues and improve mood

  • lower blood pressure and reduce nervous system arousal

  • by connecting to what's around us it enables us to connect with our own internal worlds, reflecting on our feelings and processing our emotions more easily

  • brings about a sense of freedom through movement and spaciousness

  • the physical activity increases the blood flow to the brain for clearer thinking, gentle cardiovascular exercise and a release of feel good endorphins

  • complete sensory experience

  • helps us to stay in the present moment

The well known mental health charity MIND offer a wealth of information about eco-therapy, the research statistics behind it and the various eco-therapy programmes that are available on a larger scale.


Who might it appeal to?

Nature therapy can benefit anyone.  Its can also be a wonderful way for people who might have been sat in an office all day and want to experience a more spacious way of working. It is also is often seen to be far less intimidating a therapy session than sat opposite a therapist within four walls.

It creates the chance to get outside, connect with nature, be present, feel less stressed, breath in fresh air and "just be!"

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