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Equine and Nature Connection
with mindfulness and sound

Equine and nature therapy is mindfulness and somatic therapy based and helps to develop self awareness and understanding within a relationship and place of safety.

This wonderfully relaxing day will enable you to immerse yourself in a variety of practices that leave you feeling calm, connected to your mind and body and your soul nourished.

Connection and healing with the horses to reduce stress and anxiety and improve self-awareness

Experience the connection between you and the horses by recognising the energy between you and within yourself.  This increased awareness enables a deeper understanding of your own inner world.

Healing with drums - vibration and rhythm to reduce stress and anxiety

Drumming with horses is an ancient practice which enables a deep healing through natural rhythm and vibrations.

Staying in the present moment, reducing stress and anxiety with mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness practice teaches us to stay with our present moment experience, without the need to change it.  It is an exercise for the mind that increases resilience and well-being.

WHEN: Saturday 14th September 2024

TIMES:  10am -3.30pm

WHERE: Isle Abbots, near Ilminster, Somerset

COST: £65 (one concession place available on application)

The Heard Therapy

This event is hosted by The Heard Therapy and assisted by Michaela Slade MNCS. The Heard Therapy specialises in equine and nature assisted therapy for young people aged 11 plus and adults, particularly those who are neurodivergent and have experienced trauma.

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