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Couples Therapy

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There can be many pressures on a couple these days and "coupledom" itself has also changed.  When people enter into a relationship now they often have "full-formed" lives of their own; their own homes, finances, children, hobbies etc.  Trying to find a balance between preserving the aspects of their life that are already up and running, with merging with someone else's full-formed life, can sometimes prove a challenge.

Couples can struggle with various difficulties in their relationship such as infidelity and betrayal, lack of communication, sexual issues, a lack of emotional connection or feeling understood.

And not forgetting how we all have our own previous life experiences that we bring to the table and these do play a part in our current relationships.  Our own histories impact on how we view ourselves in relationship to ourselves and to our partner.

Portrait of a Couple

Couples therapy offers you the chance to explore and resolve  challenges between two people.  The aim is to enable clients to gain a better understanding of each other’s experiences. and re-gain an increased sense of emotional connection.

 You will be encouraged to share your concerns in sessions and my job is to enhance your self-awareness and mutual understanding.  It is not my job to be a judge for either or you or to take sides.

By providing you with a neutral space this enables me to observe the dynamics and to identify any negative relationship patterns which are impacting on the relationship.


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